About Planet GoddDamn Studio

drew reinland planet goddamn studio wildwood bathroom painting

My name is Drew Reinland and I'm the creative behind Planet GodDamn Studio. A native of the Pacific Northwest, I'm a multi-medium artist primarily focused on acrylic, oil pastel, digital, and functional art. My style can best be described as a blend between realism and absurdism, with magical realism mixed in all with a special touch. 

As a lifelong golfer and lover of hip-hop, weed, and basketball, you'll find all of these influences on my work. I strive to get better every day, and if you're one of my close friends no doubt if we meet out for a drink or a coffee you'll probably roll up on me sketching something out on my iPad. 

Art is what drives me. Finding the connection between my vision and the canvas, and then seeing how clients interpret their commissions for themselves is what keeps me coming back to the palette. I have lots of prints or originals for you to choose from, or if you are interested in getting something custom for yourself, your business, or a loved one, please contact me to discuss a commission.