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Planet Goddamn Studio

Joker Cat

Joker Cat

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This cat just wants you to laugh so hard you die. For real why so serious? it all ends in the same result. A little sick but funny cuz its true. Joker Cat may look like a good laugh but he's plotting devastation. Maybe in the right home he'll chill out. Or maybe he'll cause some chaos and you'll end up getting to meet batman and he'll offer you exponentially more money for this painting for two reasons: He's Bruce Wayne and he probably glides around in his day to day life in a Rolls Royce listening to "money ain't a thing" because to him it ain't and second, because he's Batman and it would be a total disservice to you for him to slide all the way over to your crib, see the joker, and just dip out without doing anything. That would be way out of character so its safe to say this is actually a great investment...


  • Measures 24" x 48"

  • Painted on 0.75" stretched canvas

  • Acrylic painting

  • Only 1 available

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