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Bad Intentions

Bad Intentions

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Aladdin & Aladdin Return Of Jafar will always remain as two of my favorite movies. Jafar's demise came from hastily using his final wish to be an all powerful genie and that landed him in a dark lamp which is most mysteriously evil than the gold lamp which contained the (blue) Genie. Obviously Jafar had some ill intentions but his first two wishes of being the most powerful sorcerer in the world and to rule on high as sultan honestly don't sound that bad. That ain't necessarily what I woulda wished for but if either option were offered to me did that I'd say no...Matter fact run it up. I'm sure me 'n' Jafar ain't the only ones. Put your paws on this lamp and see.


  • Measures 11" x 14"

  • Oil pastel

  • Pastel board

  • Only 1 available

If you are interested in having it made into a print, message me and I can print one for you.

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