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Planet Goddamn Studio



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This is actually the first draft of what was eventually adjusted and then made into a full scale painting. In this piece a few things are highlighted: The hand holding the encyclopedia has the number 8 tattooed below on the wrist. That's a reminder to bring it everyday just like Kobe Bryant would. Theres no time to waist on bullshit there's only time to perfect your craft and if you ain't doing it someone else is and they gonna punk you and take your spot. As we move on up the image you see that the hand is holding an encyclopedia with a dagger going through it. This is representative of one of those moments you think you got it all figured and in an instant the universe sticks you right in face. Nothings really ever figured out tho cuz the universe has too many moving parts just like what's working behind the hands of a clock, but at a certain point those hands will strike 4:20 and so will the light on the end of a blunt cuz its always time to smoke. Thats one thing you can control however another thing you can't is how pie got' hit you. Same with love. This slice has hearts oozing out of it. I don't got nothin' clever to call that so its love pie. One slice of love pie, cuz maybe all the other slices have already been eaten or thrown away or someone else took them. Fortunately as humans we love multiple things or people or activities and places throughout our lives. Whenever slices start disappearing it don't mean the world is over you just got more time to enjoy those other slices until someone or something bakes you another. PlanetGodDamn is the final focal point of this piece. A place where everything is better and its all love. The smoke from PGD reaches all the way back to the hand as a guide to follow and coincidentally its always 4:20 on its pink surface so you already know what that means. You can read deeper into the night sky or the jewels but you either love jewelry or you've maybe just never had none. Every day is better draped in jewels and gold. Shallow or not I encourage anyone who hasn't to try it. Gas Pedal.


  • Printed in multiple sizes

  • 24 lb. bond paper

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