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Tiger Woods and the Green Jacket

Tiger Woods and the Green Jacket

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Lemme just start with the jewel tones. I've said it before, I'll say it again and I literally want this on my so if I die and you stumble upon my grave and it doesn't read "an unsatisfiable taste for jewel tones" do the right thing and help me out...Contact someone and get that dialed for me. Back on track though this taste for jewel tones with me was definitely influence by the art in Aladdin and was soon after solidified by the art of Mary Grand Pre for the original American editions of Harry Potter. I mean the imagination of a child reading 'bout all this wizards kinda runs wild but the art by Grand Pre really nailed it for me, the way the colors blended and all the images were shaped and too this day I never get sick of that work. Great art, magical words, let's talk about a real living wizard. Tiger Woods. This dudes got 14 wands on him at all times casting syrupy potronus' in the shapes of draws, cuts, and major championship trophies & jackets. This fool don't play either he out her Avada Kedavraing muhfuckers on the 72nd green in epic fashion and he just got' show up next week and do it again. I spent my whole life taking that in every week. Shit really did seem like magic. Like this dude definitely got Dumbledor's number at the top of his contacts and I got a hunch that tEI3 insert that helped him get those first majors was actually just the sorcerers stone nicely inlayed. That said it only made sense to gel the two together into this piece.


  • Printed in multiple sizes

  • 24 lb. bond paper

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