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Planet Goddamn Studio

Dwindling Personalities - Art by Drew Reinland

Dwindling Personalities - Art by Drew Reinland

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Every day the hooded figure slides into the city to run it up with his closest friends. Likeminded individuals chasing a million. Through the ups and downs a dark cloud follows the homie everywhere. Nobody notices the cloud because it just blends with all the smog in the city. Often by the end of the day the hooded figure has withered away to nothing all the while his girl has been waiting anxiously for him to come home. she wonders what's what version of him is left. She waits behind the door filled with love and excitement and watches through the window. Will she get to see the him she loves so much or will he slip in the entrance he uses when he's mad and wants to be left alone to continue working or smoke by himself or will he slip in the other side where depression has consumed him and he'll go there for who knows how long to die. The cloaked figure wants to die but doesn't really want to die, he just hope she understands but she doesn't so guilt piles up and compounds with the depressed feelings and it just is what it is. Tomorrow is another day, what will it bring?


  • Printed in multiple sizes

  • 24 lb. bond paper

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